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For this film specific sounds and imagery were chosen to create a psychologically charged space. Whispers, the sermon, a violin, etc, all play key roles. The color of white is also intentional to discuss meaning in a cultural or global setting, as well as its importance during different moments or places in our lives. Water and certain fabric was selected to generate a sense of weightlessness.

I also worked with the "the gaze": who are we looking at and who is doing the looking. The subjects look back at the viewer, insist upon their presence and acknowledge that they are being looked at. I tried working with archetypes and age-old symbols of "woman" and social constructs of women. The mad/crazy person, the bride, and a reference to ophelia are all characters. Twinning was used to create a storyline of characters and, at the same time, focus on self reflection and internal struggle.

Loosely based/inspired by photographer Diane Arbus and the poem A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allen Poe.