Images Speak.

More than any other medium, photography has held claims to truth and validity. I am intrigued by the idea of truth and how it connects to our own reality. It isn’t about finding what is real or true but rather engaging in questions, moments, and lives. There is no “definite” reality only interpretation based off of complex systems, human nature, and one’s own personal experiences. This is authenticity. Authenticity is layered, opinionated, and familiar. It is elusive, recycled, and comforting.

My work is driven by the everyday becoming exceptional. I have always found that the commonplace and seemingly unremarkable parts of life hold an unexpected amount of meaning and attraction. My intention is to capture and express these moments, topics, and people by focusing on the vernacular and the less considered, historically significant, images and objects. This intrigue has taught me to observe and question situations around me. For instance, questions regarding basic human nature—who are we and why are we this way—and inquiries concerning “the normal”—what is normal, how did it achieve this status, and should it be this way? —are central to my creative process. When I dive deep with these questions I find where authenticity lies. 


Kennedy Museum of Art: Noon Talk  October 2017

Kennedy Museum of Art: Noon Talk
October 2017



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